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Water Line Services in Crosby

The two main components of your plumbing system are the water lines that bring in fresh water and sewer lines that remove wastewater. When they need service, your pipes could be out of service for days, leaving you without the water you need. Our expert water line services in Crosby, Huffman, Humble, Baytown, and the surrounding areas can help provide the installation, repair, and maintenance that your lines need. We have over a decade of experience and are led by a master plumber that cares about educating our clients.

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Common Water Line Problems

Your main water line is susceptible to corrosion, leaks, and root intrusion. These issues can cause a broken pipe that allows contaminated water to enter your home and put you at risk for waterborne illnesses. 

These problems often include:

  • Corrosion: This is caused by soil, moisture, earthquakes, and tree roots that invade your pipes and damage the material. This weakens your lines to possible collapse or movement that can cause clogs or poor drainage.
  • Leaks: Low water pressure, puddles in the yard, and higher than average water bills are all signs of a potential leak. You can detect leaks by turning off all water fixtures and watching your water meter to see if it continues to rise.
  • Root invasion: If you have a large tree near your home, its roots could invade your pipes and cause leaks. This will lead to a collapsed line, puddles in your yard, and contaminated water.
  • Outdated materials: If your water line is lead or galvanized, or if your home is older than 50 years old, it may have outdated materials. This is a good cause for repiping as lead can poorly affect your health, and galvanized metal deteriorates faster than today’s PVC options.
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What to Expect During a Water Line Replacement

These are excellent reasons for a water line replacement if you’ve experienced recurring clogs, wastewater backups, sewage odors, excessive pipe corrosion, or root intrusion. 

The process of replacing a water line 

The first step in a replacement process is diagnosing the problem and finding the location with a video inspection. This inspection takes about 30 minutes and allows our team to prevent guesswork and dig in the correct area. A video inspection can save you time and money in quickly finding the source of a blockage, tree root intrusion, or a collapsed pipe.

Next, we’ll have to prepare for digging by marking all underground utilities and protecting the work area. This includes temporarily moving expensive landscaping, fences, or other large obstructions to minimize the cost of work after our service. Our expert water line services in Crosby include protecting your outdoor space so we can save you money in the long run while providing long-term solutions for your plumbing system.

Lastly, we install the new line. This includes a DEP inspector to approve the installation and assure you the job is up to code. The process can take a few days to an entire week for proper installation and high-quality materials.

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